Saturday, June 25, 2011

CMD Artwork

These following pieces were very useful in helping me visualize fictional technology, a fictional character, and fictional corporation logos in a story of mine, CMD (full title will be used near its release).  

Bordello Traveller

Mrs. Gringham (the flamingo lady)

Ethereal (Logo 01)

Ethereal (Logo 02)

As you can see by the dates on most of them, I did these quite a while ago, during the early conception of this story and its counterparts.  This story is not yet available in print or as an eBook.  I will put up a notification when it is released (even if under a different pen name, which I'm still undecided about).

Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome and encouraged.  I probably won't change these particular images any time soon, but corrections and other adjustments may be implemented in future or otherwise related renditions (or creations). I like learning and improving, so offer up as much you are willing and able to.  

Thank you for indulging...(me)

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